If you’re like me the last thing you want to think about (much less read about!) is health insurance. It’s something that everyone talks about each fall but always with a tinge of frustration  and reluctance.  These days we aren’t just seeing the topic pop up in family planning sessions. Conversations and debates have spilled out of the halls and corridors of Washington Federal buildings and into the living rooms and bank accounts of my fellow Americans.

There is a nasty fight that employers and families across the country are taking square on the chin, while consensus continues to elude lawmakers and regulators.  People are understandably lost.  I was one of them; up the creek in a boat without a paddle.

The full impact that health insurance has on families is one of tremendous success or regretful negligence. So many people are faced with the stark reality that they cannot make ends meet while also affording health insurance.  This is particularly true for those that are just above the $40,000 a year or less wage bracket, which would otherwise qualify the for an ACA subsidy.

While the stunning realities of health insurance pricing are front and center, the no nonsense fundamental truth remains – not having health insurance is not an option. Everyone, at some point goes to the hospital.  With the average American unable to afford a $4,000 medical bill and the average cost of a broken arm at the ER running $7,500, self-insured individuals might not absorb premium costs for a time but eventually, luck runs dry.

It is important to remain solutions oriented and not let the frustration or procrastination take hold. Health Insurance brokerages across the country are scrambling to provide solutions, while shoppers remain wholly unsatisfied with their options.

There are a handful of companies who are rising to the challenge and are exceeding those hurdles, providing some clarity and respite to those eager to improve their situations. Our firm, ALOE, a heartland based insurance solutions provider, has worked overtime to reengineer the system to layer traditional products with hot new offerings that pack a punch in value and offerings, not in your wallet.

Don’t let this industry push you around and into some half-decent, more-than-you-can-afford policy. We won’t waste your time or your money.

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