Appraisers are a Jack-of-all-Trades.  It’s a balancing act that requires one’s ability to manage multiple assignments of varying complexity and Scope of Work and to do so within an aggressive timeframe.  The job requires travel to the field, as well as self-starting and time management at the home office or small business.

You have enough on your plate.  Setting out to take on the confusing world of insurance shouldn’t be something that’s on it.

That is why we are de-cluttering the insanity of health insurance and packaging for you refreshingly simple health insurance options designed BY APPRAISERS FOR APPRAISERS.

The Affordable Care Act has become a behemoth mess and there is no sign of improvement in the near term.  With Open Enrollment right around the corner, you’re faced with two options:

  1. Stomp around the internet kicking the tires of Insurance providers, ultimately settling with the same expensive insurance you have used for the past few years;

– OR –

  1. Taking 6-8 minutes of your time with ALOE to get a quote designed for independent contractors and small biz owners who don’t fit in the traditional box.

While some appraisers qualify for tax subsidies in the ACA Marketplace, most do not due to income limits.  If you happen to qualify, it could bite you when it’s filing time. For the vast majority, without a subsidy, the Marketplace is a financial non-starter. Not only are ALOE’s plans affordable on a monthly basis, we’ve made sure they’re inexpensive to use.

Health Insurance Advisor? Concierge? You can call us whatever you want!

Already have insurance?  Awesome.We love putting our quote side-by-side with your existing policy and 9 out of 10 times, we show improvements in coverage quality AND a reduction in price!

Quality you never have to worry about.

We only layer together products from Best A- (Excellent) nationwide carriers.  And our pricing isn’t a dollar more in price than if you went to them direct and when you deal with us, you always have your dedicated rep who will be there to help you find a doc, help with claims paperwork and filing and other questions.

Get back to focusing on completing that 1004… we’ve got your back for Health Insurance.

Schedule a call today or get started on a quotation.