It’s just one more thing on your plate; health insurance. In all transparency, it’s kind of a bad word these days. Between the outrageous premiums and high cost of using it, many agents are frustrated with the industry and aren’t left with many decent options.

You have a lot on your plate. Setting out to take on the confusing world of insurance shouldn’t be something that’s on it.

We know how to handle complexity. That is why we are taking one less worry off your plate by providing refreshingly simple health insurance options that have been designed BY AGENTS FOR AGENTS.

The Affordable Care Act and the Industry as a whole has become a behemoth mess and there is no sign of improvement in the near term.  With Open Enrollment right around the corner, you’re faced with two options:

Stomp around the internet kicking the tires of Insurance providers, ultimately settling with the same expensive insurance you have used for the past few years.

Take 6-8 minutes of your time with ALOE to get a quote designed for independent contractors and small biz owners who don’t fit in the traditional box.

While some agents qualify for tax subsidies in the ACA Marketplace, most do not qualify due to income limits.  As an agent, getting the subsidy correct is a tough task as it could bite you when it’s filing time. The marketplace is a true blessing to those who can’t qualify for anything else, however, most don’t realize how expensive these plans truly are.  (If you purchasing outside of the ACA Marketplace, we are talking to you too.  We have no income qualifiers on our coverage!)

Not only are ALOE’s plans affordable on a monthly basis, we made sure they’re inexpensive to use.

Health Insurance Advisor? Concierge? You can call us whatever you want!

Already have insurance?  Awesome.We love putting our quote side-by-side with your existing policy and 9 out of 10 times, we show improvements in coverage quality AND a reduction in price!

Quality you never have to worry about.

Our products feature the most robust networks in the country. We work very hard at making sure we only provide the best options for our fellow agents.

Get back to focusing on those open houses… we’ve got your back for Health Insurance.

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