Life does not flow in a straight line, rather an ebb and flow of growth, setbacks, celebrations and pitfalls.  Our lives evolve, in wonderful, unexpected, tragic and brilliant ways, the order of which is seldom expected but all more accepted.

It’s safe to say that life is constantly on the move.  It starts with a kick into the real world, out from under the shade (or shadow) of our parents to accepting that first real job, getting that first puppy, diving off the cliff into entrepreneurship, meeting the love of your life and saying “I do”, to staring into the eyes of that tiny precious human for the first time.  The complexity of life is met with new responsibilities and one that seems to catch the greatest ire: Health Insurance.

Having insurance that moves in-stride with your life should offer a reprieve from the chaos, not sow it.  Policies should offer flexibility and ease.

You’re not the first to ask for it.  Variability is key. Health insurance needs and requirements change and rest assured, when it comes to managing these shifts, its easy-peasy.

  • You are in between jobs and you don’t want to slip into an uninsured situation.
  • Your job keeps promising to add employee health benefits but they don’t.
  • You just tied the knot and you have no clue if you should keep your insurance or join hers.
  • In that parenting handbook (the one they don’tgive you), you realize “The baby has to be insured within 31 days of birth?”
  • You are a small business owner who provides health insurance benefit packages to your employees and you want to increase the appeal and keep those valuable employees feelin’ the love.

Not a problem!  We can migrate, add or reduce your coverage package after a quick review of your changing circumstance. 

Fear not, this is not rocket science. We can address your situation over a 30-minute call with your dedicated ALOE teammate.  They will chat with you about your change of circumstance, gather any required information and set in motion to:

  • Quote new coverage
  • Reduce existing coverage
  • Add or remove family members
  • Discontinue coverage all together

We are 100% behind you having appropriate coverage for your situation.  No more, no less.  It’s the ALOE guarantee that you will be heard, presented with tailored options and your dedicated ALOE teammate will, at your direction, action the determined course of action with expert guidance. You will never be pressured into a bloated package!

To get started, please schedule a call with your rep here. If you want to review package options beforehand, you can find them overviewed here: A Fresh Take On Health & Wellness


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